Cloud Computing

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Speed and simplify your journey to cloud with custom solutions

Cloud transformation promises much, including shorter time-to-market, reduced costs and accelerated innovation. Yet, there is no off-the-shelf solution for cloud transformation. The most effective approach for most organizations today is to adopt a hybrid multi-cloud architecture and build systems in a cloud native way. The cloud journey can be complex though, and any project must support your business strategy and ambitions. To help you achieve your goals, we offer a wide range of cloud application and infrastructure consulting, system integration, architecture design and deployment services.

Who needs Cloud Computing?

Cloud Mindset Adoption

The cloud is different from on-premises IT, requiring not just new platforms, technologies and skills but also a new mindset. By embracing the cloud, enterprises free themselves not just from legacy technologies but also outdated thinking, enabling them to create innovative products, services and business models.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Platforms

Infoviz Solutions is vendor-agnostic and so can offer impartial advice on the optimum approach to designing a corporate cloud platform, advising you on the most appropriate platform strategy for a given mix of workloads, and the relative merits of heterogeneous, homogenous and hybrid cloud.

Multi-cloud Data Management

A multi-cloud environment enables specific payloads to be optimized for different cloud providers but it creates additional data management challenges that Infoviz Solutions can help you understand and resolve, utilizing our own remote cloud management capabilities, if required.

Cloud-Native Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly opting for cloud-native solutions, leveraging technologies such as microservices and containers to ensure portability and performance. Infoviz Solutions helps you embrace cloud-native solutions and achieve the optimum mix of customizability and automation.

Cloud Security

The cloud brings new types of vulnerability and considerably extends the attack surfaces, while big data and compliance and regulatory requirements add to the security challenges. Infoviz Solutions can ensure you take a holistic approach to cloud security that addresses these challenges.

Infoviz Solutions Domain Expertise

Whether you are building your IT infrastructure from scratch, scaling to meet new growth needs or reimagining your entire IT landscape, Infoviz Solutions engineers will work closely with you to conceptualize, design and implement the technology you need to take you into the future. We have independent expertise in all current manufacturers and operating systems and will help you determine the one that is right for you.

What can you expect from Infoviz Solutions?

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